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Talking Avatar

Are you looking to give life to your 3D avatar?

Polywink rigging expertise will enable you to control your character's facial expressions down to the smallest detail with a Facial Rig of 73 blendshapes and 4 additional joints.

Motion Capture Made Intuitive

The Talking Avatar service includes the 52 ARkit blendshapes following the ARKit/ARcore norms. Use your phone as a powerful mocap device and animate your 3D model in the blink of an eye!

Power of Speech

On top of the 52 ARKit blendshapes, 21 speech viseme blendshapes focus on the mouth and around to improve your character realism. Make your avatar sound natural and save time by using audio-to-speech or text-to-speech solutions (such as Amazon Polly, Google TTS...) combined with a LipSync technology (like Oculus LipSync).

Custom Facial Blendshapes

The 73 blendshapes are designed for your character morphology and topology and are adapted for a cartoonish, photorealistic, or a Vroid model. Send us an email if you have any doubt and our team will check it!

Deliverable 3D Formats

Polywink offers two deliverable formats

  • FBX file: compatible with most software from Unity, UE, Blender, and more 
  • Maya scene: receive a Maya scene and an FBX file
  • NEW! Unreal Engine scene: receive a LiveLink set-up and a Faceboard ready-to-use in Unreal Engine 4 and 5

Your 3D Head Model in 24 hours

Add the Talking Avatar service to your basket and upload your 3D model to your account. You will receive a notification that the work is in progress and will receive your model in 24 hours (working days). Not sure yet? Try our FREE sample to get an idea of the Talking Avatar service below!

Download a sample

Scroll down to read more on our facial animation services and technical details.
  • FBX
  • Maya
  • Unreal Engine

Presenting the Talking Avatar face rig

Talking Avatar is a service which generates the blendshapes and rigging for your character head to make it fully compliant with most standard Text-to-Speech (Amazon Polly, Oculus Lipsync, IBM Watson) and mobile device's Face Tracking solutions (FaceLink in Unreal Engine, Rokoko for Unity, FaceCap, Hyprface...).

The rig encompasses joints linked to the head rigid motions, eyes gaze and jaw opening
as well as the 52 ARKit/ARCore facial expressions blendshapes
and the 21 visemes blendshapes related to speech.

52 ARKit 2.0 / ARCore 1.7 blendshapes for facial tracking

Our set of 52 blendshapes closely follows the ARKit 2 and ARCore 1.7 documentation, including the new targetshape attached to the tongue.
The set is delivered with the ARKit or ARCore nomenclature unless the user requests otherwise, and comes ready to be animated thanks to Apple iPhones embedding TrueDepth sensor or Android 7 mobiles with standard camera.

21 visemes blendshapes for automatic text-to-speech and lipsync or manual keyframe speech animations

Visemes represent the deformations that a face makes while speaking. The number of visemes is a subset of the phonemes and depends on the considered language in essence but a common set enables to qualitativaly emulate most speech animation linked to natural langage processing.
Our set of 21 blendshapes gathers all widened and rounded consonants as well as vowels monophthongs involved in standard text-to-speech engines and lipsync technologies. You can thus use Microsoft Speech API or Amazon Polly to implement your 3D Chatbot or consider Oculus Lipsync plugin for Unity and Unreal to drive the animation of your Virtual Assistant from a simple text or from a streamed voice. Also, these inputs can either be predefined or be generated through your conversational AI engine like IBM Watson and NVidia Jarvis.

Naturally you can combine both face tracking and text-to-speech/lipsync animations to mix emotions and locutions
and the Maya option also empowers you to keyframe or edit your resulting animation in Maya.

Rig any 3D head

Talking Avatar works for any type of 3D character regardless of its morphology, whether it’s a scanned head, a photorealistic head model or a cartoonish character. It preserves the user's topology and fits perfectly within any 3D pipeline.

How does this service work?

All you have to do is purchase this service and upload your 3D model. You will then automatically get it back within 24 hours fully rigged, with the complete set of joints and blendshapes, directly generated onto your mesh and perfectly adapted to the morphology of your character.

FBX & Maya Delivery Options

All users can select between two different buying options: 
- Option FBX is an .fbx file with the 73 rigged blendshapes that can be imported in any 3D software and engine
- Option Maya is a package containing an FBX file with 73 Blendshapes as well as a rigged Maya scene with the same set to allow for keyframe animation or for the editing your resulting text-to-speech and face tracking animation.

What should I upload to order Polywink's Talking Avatar?

A 3D model with a neutral pose (eyes open and mouth shut) and two additional elements: eyes and inner mouth (teeth, gum, tongue).
Additional features like eyelashes, eyebrows, or beards should be included.
Different geometries can be combined in one mesh as the result will be combined in order to work with the iPhoneX and Android Face Tracking.

Data sheet

Android 7 ARCore 1.7 or later
IOS 11 ARKit 2 or later
Delivery Format
.FBX or .MB + .FBX for the "Maya" option

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Sample of POLYWINK - Talking Avatar under CC NonCommercial NonDerivatives Attribution license

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