Introducing our services: Blendshapes on Demand


Automatic Blendshapes Generation for fast and easy 3D facial animations!

Blendshapes on Demand? What is this?

Blendshapes on Demand is one of Polywink’s online animation services and is designed to make 3D facial animation faster and easier on all platforms. Simply upload a neutral head model and receive an FBX scene of more than 160 expression blendshapes (or blend shapes / morph targets), perfectly adapted to the specific topology and morphology of your model, in less than 24 hours and directly on your Polywink account. It’s a fast, cheap and easy way to animate your 3D characters in the blink of an eye!

Blendshapes on Demand works for any type of character, whether it’s a scanned head, a photorealistic head model or a cartoonish character, no matter the topology or morphology. The delivered FBX scene is compatible with most standard software, a perfect solution if you need blendshapes for Maya, 3DS Max, Zbrush, Softimage, Mudbox, etc. Blendshapes on Demand also works for most popular game engines in case you need blendshapes for Unity or Unreal Engine, regardless of your animation technique.

To get started, upload a head model with a neutral pose (eyes open, mouth shut), without additional elements like the eyes, tongue, teeth, gum, and without hair features like eyelashes, eyebrows or beards.

How good are your blendshapes? Can I try your service before I purchase?

Our blendshapes are directly issued from the analysis of scanned expressions, covering the full spectrum of facial muscular deformations, visemes and emotions, and guaranteeing consistent geometric displacements without any skin sliding effects. Don’t hesitate to download our sample delivery on our product page to see the range and quality of the expressions blendshapes we can generate for your model.

Each set of blendshapes is thoroughly checked before each delivery to ensure the best quality; aside from this quality check, we also offer full customer support to make sure that our blendshapes work properly – keep in mind however that we can’t provide help about your personal technical choices regarding pipeline and software.

If you want to see the quality of our blendshapes for yourself, download this FBX delivery scene to see a sample of our Blendshapes on Demand service.

What are the advantages of using Blendshapes on Demand?

The process of manually crafting blendshapes can take weeks, up to a month or two depending on the complexity of the model and the number of shapes: you can save thousands of dollars and weeks of work by simply purchasing a set of blendshapes and receiving the result in less than 24 hours.

Our services fit perfectly within your own workflow and pipeline by delivering a complete set of blendshapes perfectly adapted to your character design while preserving the topology and UVs of your model; this is particularly useful for games in case you want to share high quality facial animations between multiple characters.

Last but not least, we can also adapt your own set of blendshapes if you have one already. Contact us if you want to try this out!

Wait, what are blendshapes?

Blendshapes (called blend shapes on Maya or morph targets on 3DS Max) are used as a common method of 3D animation using deformations of a 3D shape to show different expressions and visemes. These deformations enable a smooth transition, for example, from a neutral pose to a smile, or from eyes open to eyes closed. However, if you want full control of your head model, you may want to check out Rig on Demand, another Polywink service which produces a full facial rig for Maya.

If you’re new to 3D animation, make sure that you can use our models by downloading a sample and trying it out for yourself. All of our deliveries are ready to use… as long as you know how to use them! Though worry not, blendshapes and rigging are common knowledge among 3D animators.

If you have any questions left regarding our services, contact us directly and we’ll happily answer them.

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