Welcome to Polywink!


Introducing a new platform of online services for animation. Check this blog piece to learn more about what we do and who we are!

Welcome to Polywink

Our website is a platform of online services designed to empower artists, creators and developers by taking their creative capacities to the next level and making facial animation accessible to everyone. Through years of accumulated data powered by machine learning, we’ve been able to procedurally automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks: the result is a faster and cheaper way to animate your 3D models, drastically speeding up your workflow. Free your team from long, expensive and technically demanding processes like blendshapes generation and rigging, and bring your 3D characters to life in the blink of an eye!


What does Polywink do?

Polywink requires no particular technical background and, contrary to auto-rigging tools, no additional work on your end. Simply upload your head model and get it back within 24 hours, ready to be animated. All of our services work regardless of your character’s morphology and topology, from cartoonish creatures to photorealistic humans:

- Automatic blendshapes generation through Blendshapes on Demand, generating more than 160 blendshapes for any model - an amazing way to share facial animations between multiple characters;

- Automatic rigging with Rig on Demand, which generates a full professional facial rig in Maya for any character, complete with customizable 2D controllers giving an intuitive and accurate access to more than 250 facial action units (FACs);

- Specific ARKit animation tools with Animation for Iphone X, designed for iOS animators and developers, closely following ARKit guidelines by packing the 51 blendshapes specifically required by the Iphone X. Create your own animojis or use your Iphone X to animate your characters!


Who’s behind Polywink?

Polywink is run by Eisko, a 3D company specialized in the creation and management of digital doubles for movie productions (VFX) and interactive applications (video games, AR/VR). Our online platform uses deep learning technologies developed over the years by our teams to address the need for fast, intuitive and accessible 3D content.
After experimenting our new services through a beta testing platform called Eisko Services, we’re thrilled to finally launch Polywink - we couldn’t dream for a better way to start 2018!

Take a look around and don’t hesitate to message us if you have any questions or feedback on your mind.

Polywink staff


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